MDpocket Physician Assistant ER/Inpatient - Heritage University

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MDpocket Physician Assistant ER/Inpatient - Heritage University - 2019

The ER/Inpatient Physician Assistant guide from MDpocket contains detailed pocket medical information used by PAs working in a hospital or emergency department at Heritage University. This compact pocket-size reference has information on writing and performing History & Physical Exams, management of STEMI/UA/NSTEMI with easy to ready algorithms, EKG and CXR interpretation, managing hypertension emergencies, heart failure, stroke, lacerations, info on placing central catheters and much more. Over 125 pages of vital day-to-day medical treatments, management and workup specifically for a Physician Assistant or Physician Assistant Student. Our pocket medicine books are used by all medical students, physician assistant, residents in-training and practicing physicians' throughout the United States and Canada.