WhiteCoat Clipboards®

Our #1 selling patented folding clipboard designed to keep all your medical information organized and concealed. 

WhiteCoat Clipboard Features


Focused medical information

The most accurate & daily used medical information for a variety of medical professions and disciplines. 

Improve the efficacy of your practice

Each clipboard contains the most important reference information used daily by all medical professionals. Never waste time looking for a value again!

Multiple Disciplines

Curated for your profession

Created for multiple specialties ranging from anesthesiology to pharmacy to occupational therapy we are certain to have the right clipboard for you!

Regularly Updated

Content for all our clipboards are regularly updated by our team of on staff physicians and medical professionals to make sure your always accurate in your diagnosis. 


Customize and Accessorize

Available in multiple styles and colors and with customization options ranging from custom clips to personal engravings. Make it Yours! 

Bulk discounts

We offer discounts on bulk orders of clipboards. Whether as a gift for a graduating class or a tool for a school program work with our sales specialists to get an order started today!


Designed for the busy nurse, these clipboards provide the most daily used medical information by nurses and nursing students including lab values, pain scales, injection sites, and more!

General Medicine

Our general medicine is designed for medical students, residents and physicians offering day to day medical information such as strength/reflex testing, EKG interpretations, lab values, and more!


WhiteCoat Clipboard therapy editions provide the best possible way to keep organized and informed while working with you patients. Available for respiratory, occupational, and physical therapists. 

Medical Specialties

Our medical specialty clipboards are made with your professional needs in mind. Specialties include dentistry, EMT, dietitian, pharmaceutical, veterinary medicine and more!

Variety and Customization

Available in over 14 colors and up to 6 styles we are sure to have a clipboard that matches your specific needs.

After you pick your color and style. You can really make this clipboard yours with additional customization options like; engravings, custom clips, and clip on accessories.

Medical Features

Each WhiteCoat Clipboard is designed to meet the specific needs of the medical professional. Whether you are a nurse, physician, EMT, or anything else we have your daily medial needs covered. 

Regularly updated by our dedicated medical staff our clipboards are always accurate and always in style. Check out all the available specialties below.

WhiteCoat Clipboard Accessories

We offer a variety of clipboard attachments and accessories to help you stay organized and efficient while working with patients!